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December 7, 2010 10:28 AM
Thn of the Playere overall missio Development Coaching Team is to help American players reach the top of the professional game.  Our coaching staff has a tremendous passion for the game and will model this passion and love for the sport when we are coaching players. Our philosophy is based on the premise that the development of the player is the most important part of our job and always comes first in our decisions.

The USTA Player Development Coaching Philosophy is to create a team of coaches who provide American players and their personal coaches with the necessary training/assistance to allow them to maximize their development as tennis players. 

In order to reach this goal, each USTA coach will adhere to the same parameters of organized development which allows the player to maintain an efficient and effective learning process, while not depending on just one coach, but rather an organized team.  In order to accomplish this, each coach is trained in a specific system of coaching.

The program requires that each coach adopt similar coaching techniques and ideas of development for the player as well as the use of a common language.  This requires a lot of effort in the short term, but it creates a program that optimizes and maximizes the development of both the coach and the player.