Wall Ball Drills at Home

April 7, 2020 09:40 AM

By Roger Anderson
USTA National Coach, USTA Player Development

  1. Overheads: Bounce the ball just in front of the wall, and it will give you another overhead. This is great to get your footwork correct, and the goal is to get as many overheads in a row.
  2. Forehands only
  3. Backhand slices only: Hit outside of the ball backhand slice to forehand slice. Hit up the line backhand and forehand slices, getting some side spin.
  4. Drop shots: Forehand and backhand with as much backspin/underspin as possible, using soft hands yet zipping the ball to spin backwards.
  5. Half volley every ball getting slight topspin on the half volley. Excellent for approaching and having to have a soft, half-volley drop shot.
  6. Cross-court forehand to backhand; then alternate.
  7. Serve at a target plus one: Get a piece of tape, and tape a square box to the wall/garage. Try to hit the serve in the box, and then play the first ball, like you’re in the final of Wimbledon!