Campus Match Play -- Do's and Don'ts

March 10, 2009 03:45 PM

Here are some guidelines for running a Campus Match Play event on your campus. Campus Match Play events are “Open Events” ( as defined by the NCAA under “Tryout Exceptions” (13.11.3)


1. Follow all NCAA rules with regard to having prospects on campus. With the exception of making the draw and handing out the balls, behave as if you were recruiting at a junior tournament.
2. Treat all participants equally.
3. Document entry fees for all participants.
4. Submit your application form to the USTA to secure a date. Both the National and Sectional office will review each request to ensure conflicts are minimized.
5. After the event fax a copy of the draw to the National office to receive your stipend.
6. Make sure you are a current ITA member and USTA Facility member ($35/year).
7. Go to the USTA and ITA websites for tournament information. Call the USTA if you have questions.
8. Put this event on your website as an ‘Open’ event.
9. Decide in advance how many players you can accommodate.
10. Let the USTA know if you plan on hosting more than one event per year. Even though an institution is eligible for one stipend per year, it is important to get all events on the calendar.


1. Exclude anyone from the tournament based on ability – only on entrant limit.
2. Participate in any coaching activities during the entire event. No talking with your players about any aspect of tennis until the completion of the event.
3. Engage in any recruiting activities. No campus tours, media guides, promotional materials, etc. on site.
4. Talk to parents of prospects about anything except the tournament operation.
5. Have any participants who are on an ‘Official Visit’ to campus. Unofficial visits are ok as long as no recruiting takes place during the event.
6. Allow your team to wear their official uniform – typically match shirts and shorts.
7. Tell your players they have to play – this has to be truly voluntary.
8. Call the ITA. Although this is a joint venture with the USTA and ITA, the office of Junior and Collegiate competition at the USTA will be overseeing the program.

When hosting events other than Open events, please contact your institution's compliance office for information and assistance as well as consult your current NCAA Division Manual or NAIA Policy Manual.

More questions? Contact Erica Perkins, Manager, Junior & Collegiate Competition:
Office: (561) 962-6446
Cell: (561) 985-2347