First TEAM USA Forum held

August 14, 2014 02:29 PM

The first TEAM USA Forum took place July 29. The forum introduced parents and coaches around the country to this new initiative from USTA Player Development. Attendees were given the opportunity to ask USTA Player Development General Manager Patrick McEnroe and Director of Coaching Jose Higueras questions regarding TEAM USA at the end of the forum.

TEAM USA is all about creating a structure of inclusiveness where personal coaches, USTA sections and USTA Player Development work together to create the next wave of world-class American players.  The goals of TEAM USA are:

  • More primary coach inclusiveness
  • More training opportunities for our country’s top prospects
  • To work more closely with our country’s top developmental programs (in addition to USTA Player Development's Certified Regional Training Centers)

Those who missed the forum can watch the recording by clicking here.

The next TEAM USA forum will take place in December.