Jorge Todero- Lead National Coach, Men's and Women's Tennis

Jorge Todero was hired on November 8, 2010 as the Lead National Coach of Training Center East and reports to Jay Berger, Head of Men’s Tennis and Ola Malmqvist, Head of Women’s Tennis.
In this role, Jorge will facilitate coaching and training programs to assist in the development of our best prospects at the USTA Training Centers as well as at other locations. He will also assist our coaches and players in a better understanding of the Player Development coaching philosophy.
Prior to joining the USTAPD, he was the Owner and Director of the Todero Tennis Training Academy in Florida. Jorge has also worked as the personal coach for several professional players including Catalina Castaño, Martine Jaite, Alberto Mancini, Carlos Salamanca, Meghan Shaugnessy, Patricia Tarabini and Fabiola Zuluaga.
From 1990-1996, Jorge was the captain of the Argentinean Fed Cup team which included Gabriella Sabatini. He was also the Argentinean Women's Tennis Team Captain at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games.