Chandra Noble- Resident Assistant

Chandra Noble was hired on February 22, 2011 as a Resident Assistant at the USTA Training Center- Headquarters. Her responsibilities include providing effective guidance and mentorship for the student-athletes who reside at the USTA Training Center in Boca Raton, Florida and/or participate in the USTA Player Development Program.
Prior to joining the USTA, Chandra was the President and Owner of New Orleans Pralines and worked for Scarborough East Tennis Center in Columbus, Ohio.  In addition, Chandra volunteered for the Wolfe Park Tennis Association Junior Program where she provided both on and off court mentoring and tutoring as well as advocating a healthy student-athlete life balance.
An avid lover of the sport, Chandra is also a member of the USTA and a 4.5 League Player. Chandra is currently pursuing her PhD in Counseling.