Chandra Capozzi- Administrative Assistant, Junior Competition

Chandra Capozzi was hired on March 26, 2012 by USTAPD as an Assistant, Junior and Collegiate Competition. Her primary responsibility includes collecting, managing and distributing information on USTA National Junior Ranking data as well as assisting with all aspects of tournaments held in the United States. In this role Chandra reports to Lew Brewer, Director, Junior Competition.
Chandra worked for the USTA on a seasonal basis in 2011; first in Community Tennis and then during the 2011 US Open. She is the Co-Founder of Sports for Youth Summer Camp in the Dominican Republic and was a member of the Dominican Republic’s Fed Cup Team during 2004-2011.She was the 2009 Player of the Year, Great Lake Valley Conference and Bronze Medal Winner Mixed Doubles, Central American and Caribbean Games, Mayaguez, PR in 2010.