2010 Dunlop Orange Bowl blog: Krista Hardebeck, Entry No. 2

December 6, 2010 08:31 PM
Krista Hardebeck is one of the rising young stars of junior tennis. Now ranked No. 1 in the USTA Girls' 18s and a career-high 36th in the ITF World Junior Rankings, the 16-year-old from Santa Ana, Calif., has had an impressive year, highlighted by back-to-back wins at the USTA International Spring Championships and Easter Bowl in April. Hardebeck is taking time from her busy schedule to write a blog from this week's Dunlop Orange Bowl in Key Biscayne, Fla. Check back daily for updates.
Hi Everyone!
As it turns out, I was not assigned to play today, so instead I got to enjoy another dose of pregame prepping.
Grace and I had breakfast down at the hotel cafe again. After she left to go hit, I did a little schoolwork and then got ready to hit myself. My friend Anna Mamalat and I went offsite and got in a very long hit. After we hit, we went to go eat lunch. At first we were going to go to this pasta place, but we somehow ended up at this Mediterranean restaurant. Mediterranean food isn't really my thing, but it was pretty good.
After lunch, I went back to the main site to hit with my good ol' pal, Catherine. We got in another good hit and then ventured back to the site. I took a shower, checked the schedule of play, finished my school work, and then got ready for dinner. Unfortunately, I have an 8 a.m. match! Oh well. I also saw that Chanelle and I play doubles tomorrow. But, anyways, back to my dinner story.
Catherine and her Aussie coach Damien went to Chilis for dinner. They were having some difficulty splitting our checks, so we ended up accidently leaving before they actually charged us, even though they had already taken our credit cards! One of the employees had to chase us down, and we had to go back and sort it out. Good thing it all worked out 'cause it would have been pretty embarrassing if I missed my match tomorrow because I was in jail! But, either way, I promise it was a total and complete accident!
Well, I better go to bed now because tomorrow is an early day! Thanks for reading!
Love, Krista