EP 1: What is Compete Like A Champion?

EP 2: What Sets "The Top" Apart from the Rest?

EP 3: Purposeful Practice and the Mindful Athlete

EP 4: Powerful influence of the Coach

EP 5: Are Parents a Problem or a Scapegoat?

EP 6: The Beauty of the Backdraw

EP 7: Does Being Positive Matter? Positively!

EP 8: Breathe and Believe

EP 9: Snakeoil Salesman: Who Should You Trust to be a Part of Your Team?

EP 10: Purpose of a Preseason

EP 11: Unforced Errors of Tennis Parents with Coach Lori Riffice

EP 12: Daily Mental Practice with Coach Jon Glover

EP 13: Navigating the Early Years of a Pro Tennis Career with CiCi Bellis

EP 14: Tennis and Technology with Dr. Mark Kovacs

EP 15: Self Control is a Myth

EP 16: Barriers and Solutions to Performance Psychology with Dr. Bob Neff and Mark Lerman

EP 17: In Search of Greatness

EP 18: Embracing Fears

EP 19: Youth Athletic Development with Craig Acker

EP 20: Working Together to Raise the Bar with Kent Kinear

EP 21: Leadership Lessons with Kathy Rinaldi

EP 22: Communicating with Precision with Stephen Huss

EP 23: Building Strength from Stress

EP 24: The Essence of Coaching with Dr. Paul Lubbers

EP 25: Generation Z with Dr. Paul Lubbers

EP 26: Bouncing Back from Mistakes - Resilience

EP 27: Competing in Summer Conditions

EP 28: Creating Accountability and Ownership with Coach Mat Cloer

EP 29: Recovering from Injury with Ed Ryan

EP 30: LIVE at the US Open 2019

EP 31: Coaching Those Who Coach

EP 32: Determination Under Adversity

EP 33: Performing Like You Practice

EP 34: Player Lessons from the 2019 US Open

EP 35: Using Music to Prepare for Matches

EP 36: Can Personal Growth Get Ugly?

EP 37: The Journey to Professional Tennis with Mackie McDonald

EP 38: Cheating and How to Deal with It

EP 39: Does Perfect Exist?

EP 40: The Pursuit of Happiness: Work-Life Balance in a High Performance World

EP 41: Using Analytics and Video to Enhance Performance with Dave Ramos

EP 42: Producing Tennis Playing Athletes With Vern Gambetta

EP 43: Striving for Excellence In a Healthy Manner with Irina Falconi

EP 44: Respect All, Fear None

EP 45: Developing Your High Performance Program Culture with Dave Licker

EP 46: Old School Coaching

EP 47: Developing Emotional Strength