The International Tennis Federation (ITF) invites the USTA to submit a National Ranking List of players from the United States. These lists are used for selection into ITF World Tour events when the lists of players who have an ATP, WTA, or ITF World Tour Ranking have been exhausted. The list is limited to 500 players. These rankings may also be used for seeding of events in the United States. 


The USTA's Top 500 National Ranking will include American players who are eligible to represent the United States in Davis Cup or Billie Jean King Cup competition. Players listed from another country on their IPIN will be removed from the USTA's Top 500 List.  Players with a permanent resident card who wish to be included on the USTA Top 500 list should send an email to the contacts listed below. Please send a copy of your passport(s) and permanent resident card. Players who have switched their country of representation with ITF, ATP or WTA to a country other than the U.S. will not be allowed to switch back to represent the U.S.  Players may petition for relief in certain circumstances.


The Top 500 list is calculated using the ITF World Tennis Number. For more information on the ITF World Tennis Number, please visit

The USTA reserves the right to make changes to the tournaments used, rules of eligibility and the point structure for past and future years at any time. The list is sent to the ITF four times each year.


Players can see their player record and ITF World Tennis Number widget on and their player profile on You can email us if you see any mistakes on your record and we will review prior to future publications of the list.


The ranking list will be calculated using the ITF World Tennis Number. The list will be sent to the ITF four times per year. The following dates are for the initial calculation of the list, not the publish dates. 

The dates for 2023 are:

*All dates are subject to change.

Players who have an ATP/WTA/ITF World Tour ranking will be removed from the Top 500 list as those rankings have priority over the Top 500 list.


The USTA Competitive Pathway department oversees the administration of the ranking list. If you have questions, please contact our team.



What is the purpose of this list?

This list serves various functions.  The International Tennis Federation requires a list of players ranked in a way that logically reflects their ability level in comparison to their compatriots.  Being listed allows a player a chance to be accepted into the qualifying of ITF World Tennis Tour Events.  ITF World Tennis Tour Supervisors will also use the list to accept American players into the qualifying draws of USTA ITF World Tennis Tour events from the on-site alternates list.

How does the Supervisor know what my ranking is?

The ITF inputs the latest Top 500 list for each nation into their tournament database.  The Supervisor can access a player’s World Tennis Number via the player's ITF Tennis ID.

Do Byes count as wins?

Byes do not count as wins. Players must have an on-court win before they will earn points for the round reached.

Do I need a USTA membership?

All players will need to have a current USTA membership to be included on the Top 500 Ranking List. Contact the USTA membership department for questions about USTA membership.