Coaching Education


Grips, Preparation and Swing Path


The Grip, Preparation and Swing Path (GPS) document was created to teach coaches and players the fundamental checkpoints of common tennis strokes. Photo sequences accompanied by short descriptions give a range of acceptable parameters for the forehand, backhand (one and two-handed), serve and volley.

High Performance Profile


The USTA High Performance Profile (HPP) is a series of musculoskeletal tests put together to screen players and identify potential injuries before they occur. The purpose of the HPP is to highlight strength and/or flexibility deficits and identify areas where players should focus their physical training.

Conditioning Plan for College Tennis Players


This sample plan for college tennis players has been designed to give college tennis coaches and strength and conditioning coaches ideas as to how the conditioning sessions can be organized to prepare players for their college seasons.

Recovery in Tennis


Recovery is a complex paradigm focusing on recovery from training - session to session, day to day and week to week. The Sport Science Committee of the USTA sponsored an extensive evidence-based review of the available literature on tennis-specific recovery.