Marc Lucero- National Coach, Women's Tennis

Marc Lucero was hired on October 4, 2010 as a full-time USTA Coach.
Marc’s responsibilities include facilitating coaching and training programs to assist in the development of our best prospects at the USTA Training Centers as well as at other locations.
Marc has been a part-time coach in our Carson office since December 2008. As a part-time coach, Marc spent time with Ryan Harrison at the Costa Mesa and Laguna Niguel futures events.
In addition to his part-time duties, Marc was working as a Private Professional Tennis Coach. He worked with top local juniors in the San Diego area including Lyndsay Kinstler, the 2005 National Hard Court Champion in the 16s category. He worked with various players in the Carson office, including Harrison. Marc has also served as a hitting partner for various top 25 WTA Tour players.
Prior to joining the USTAPD, he was an Assistant Tennis Coach for Women’s Tennis at Princeton University. Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Boston College. As a student at Boston College, he captained the Men’s Varsity Tennis team and led the Eagles in career wins.