The best athletes are always looking to gain an edge on the competition. The Compete Like a Champion podcast series explores the psychology of performance, advanced coaching and sport science through the lens of professional tennis.

001: What is Compete Like a Champion?

Dr. Larry Lauer and Coach Johnny Parkes begin the podcast series by discussing their personal journeys to high performance and what life in high performance is like. They also detail what you can expect from this podcast.


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Podcast Transcripts

What is Compete Like A Champion?

What Sets "The Top" Apart from the Rest?

Purposeful Practice and the Mindful Athlete

Powerful influence of the Coach

Are Parents a Problem or a Scapegoat?

The Beauty of the Backdraw

Does Being Positive Matter? Positively!

Breathe and Believe

Snakeoil Salesman: Who Should You Trust to be a Part of Your Team?

Purpose of a Preseason

Unforced Errors of Tennis Parents with Coach Lori Riffice

Daily Mental Practice with Coach Jon Glover

Navigating the Early Years of a Pro Tennis Career with CiCi Bellis

Tennis and Technology with Dr. Mark Kovacs

Self Control is a Myth

Barriers and Solutions to Performance Psychology with Dr. Bob Neff and Mark Lerman

In Search of Greatness

Embracing Fears

Youth Athletic Development with Craig Acker

Working Together to Raise the Bar with Kent Kinear

Leadership Lessons with Kathy Rinaldi

Communicating with Precision with Stephen Huss

Building Strength from Stress

The Essence of Coaching with Dr. Paul Lubbers

Generation Z with Dr. Paul Lubbers

Bouncing Back from Mistakes - Resilience

Competing in Summer Conditions

Creating Accountability and Ownership with Coach Mat Cloer

Recovering from Injury with Ed Ryan

LIVE at the US Open 2019

Coaching Those Who Coach

Determination Under Adversity

Performing Like You Practice

Player Lessons from the 2019 US Open

Using Music to Prepare for Matches

Can Personal Growth Get Ugly?

The Journey to Professional Tennis with Mackie McDonald

Cheating and How to Deal with It

Does Perfect Exist?

The Pursuit of Happiness: Work-Life Balance in a High Performance World

Using Analytics and Video to Enhance Performance with Dave Ramos

Producing Tennis Playing Athletes With Vern Gambetta

Striving for Excellence In a Healthy Manner with Irina Falconi

Respect All, Fear None

Developing Your High Performance Program Culture with Dave Licker

Old School Coaching

Developing Emotional Strength