The best athletes are always looking to gain an edge on the competition. The Compete Like a Champion podcast series explores the psychology of performance, advanced coaching and sport science through the lens of professional tennis.

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EP 98: Integrating Mental Skills Onto the Court: Interview With Dr. Duncan Simpson

Dr. Duncan Simpson, Director of Mental Conditioning at IMG Academy, joins the team to discuss how he integrates mental skills training onto the court to maximize transfer to matches. We examine the importance of collaborating with coaches to enhance the learning of players. In addition, the importance of making practice more match-like and how to do that is detailed. We provide examples of how to train mental skills during practice.

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EP 1: What is Compete Like a Champion?          

EP 2: What Sets “The Top” Apart from the Rest?             

EP 3: Purposeful Practice and the Mindful Tennis Athlete

EP 4: The Powerful Influence of the Coach

EP 5: Are Tennis Parents a Problem or a Scapegoat with Chris Michalowski

EP 6: The Beauty of the Back Draw

EP 7: Does Being Positive Matter? Positively!

EP 8: Breathe and Believe

EP 9: Snake Oil Salesman: Who Should You Trust To Be a Part of Your Team?

EP 10: Purpose of a Preseason

EP 11: Unforced Errors of Tennis Parents with Coach Lori Riffice

EP 12: Daily Mental Practice with Coach Jon Glover

EP 13: Navigating the Early Years of a Pro Tennis Career with CiCi Bellis

EP 14: Tennis Technology with Dr. Mark Kovacs

EP 15: Self Control is a Myth

EP 16: Barriers and Solutions to Performance Psychology with Dr. Bob Neff and Mark Lerman

EP 17: In Search of Greatness

EP 18: Embracing Fears

EP 19: Youth Athletic Development with Craig Acker

EP 20: Working Together to Raise the Bar with Kent Kinnear

EP 21: Lessons in Leadership with Kathy Rinaldi

EP 22: Communicating with Precision with Stephen Huss

EP 23: Building Strength from Stress

EP 24: The Essence of Coaching with Dr. Paul Lubbers

EP 25: Generation Z with Dr. Paul Lubbers

EP 26: Bouncing Back from Mistakes – Resilience

EP 27: Competing in Summer Conditions

EP 28: Creating Accountability and Ownership among Tennis Players with Coach Mat Cloer

EP 29: Recovering from Injury with Ed Ryan

EP 30: LIVE at the US Open 2019

EP 31: Coaching Those Who Coach

EP 32: Determination Under Adversity

EP 33: Performing Like You Practice

EP 34: Player Lessons from the 2019 US Open

EP 35: Using Music to Prepare for Tennis Matches

EP 36: Can Personal Growth Get Ugly?

EP 37: The Journey to Professional Tennis with Mackie McDonald

EP 38: Cheating in Tennis and How to Deal With It

EP 39: Does Perfect Exist?

EP 40: The Pursuit of Happiness: Work-Life Balance in a High Performance Tennis World

EP 41: Using Analytics and Video to Enhance Tennis Performance with David Ramos

EP 42: Producing Tennis Playing Athletes with Vern Gambetta

EP 43: Striving for Excellence in a Healthy Manner with WTA Player Irina Falconi

EP 44: Respect All, Fear None

EP 45: Developing Your High Performance Tennis Program Culture with Coach Dave Licker

EP 46: Old School Coaching

EP 47: Developing Emotional Strength

EP 48: Early Specialization in Youth Sports with Dr. Neeru Jayanthi

EP 49: From Struggle to Inspiration with Sam Jalloh

EP 50: Developing Toughness to Gain a Tactical Advantage in Tennis

EP 51: Investing in Yourself as a Coach with Coach Harry Jadun and Jessica Battaglia

EP 52: Chief Resiliency

EP 53: The Journey to High Performance Wheelchair Tennis with Jason Harnett

EP 54: Mamba Mentality and the Legacy of Kobe Bryant with Leah Friedman

EP 55: Coaching Across Generations with Dr. Dan Gould

EP 56: Creating Habits for Tennis Success

EP 57: Using Visualization as a Strategy To Improve Your Tennis Game

EP 58: What To Do When Your Life Is Turned Upside Down: Tennis Edition

EP 59: Visualization in Tennis: Teaching it and Training It!

EP 60: Building a Strong Culture and Philosophy?

EP 61: The Life of a Professional Tennis Player With Noah Rubin

EP 62: Discussing Long-Term Athletic Development with Dr. Joe Eisenmann

EP 63: Ego, Culture and the Champion-Minded Athlete with Coach Allistair McCaw

EP 64: Increasing Stress Capacity

EP 65: Compete-Learn-Honor Mental and Emotional Training with Dr. Peter Scales

EP 66: Taking Compete-Learn-Honor Mental and Emotional Training to Court with Dr. Peter Scales

EP 67: Dr. Larry and Coach Johnny's Top Tennis Performances of All-Time

EP 68: Insights Into the Tennis Player Journey: Lauren Davis, Alison Riske and Jennifer Brady

EP 69: Overcoming Obstacles in Sport with Dr. Justin Tausig

EP 70: The Journey with WTA Player Julia Elbaba

EP 71: Insights Into the Tennis Player Journey - Mary Carillo

EP 72: Defeating the Negative Insurgency of Life with David Rutherford

EP 73: Best Practices - Return to Practicing

EP 74: Embracing Fear: Reflections on Froglogic Concepts

EP 75: Gabe Polsky: The Producer Behind "In Search of Greatness" Documentary

EP 76: Dr. Nick Dewan

EP 77: Insights Into the Tennis Player Journey - Andrea Jaeger

EP 78: Journey of a Master Coach with Ola Malmqvist

EP 79: What is Tennis Specific Training with Coach Brent Salazar

EP 80: Guest Speaker Series Tracy Austin

EP 81: Preparing to Play after Adversity with David Nainkin

EP 82: US Open 2020 Preview

EP 83: How To Deal With Uncertainty

EP 84: Inside The US Open With Coach Lang

EP 85: Inside the US Open and Shifting Momentum

EP 86: Inside the US Open: Young Players Making a Run and Belief

EP 87: Inside The US Open Analytics and Preparation

EP 88: Inside The US Open Semifinals: Belief and Physicality

EP 89: Inside the US Open Women's Final with Coach Chris Tontz

EP 90: Inside the US Open Women's Final - Stats That Made the Difference

EP 91: Inside the US Open Men's Final Review

EP 92: How to Become a Better Problem Solver - Part 1

EP 93: How to Become a Better Problem Solver - Part 2

EP 94: How to Be Ready for Every Point Using the 4 R's

EP 95: Sport Nutrition with Tara Collingwood

EP 96: How to Handle a Tough Loss

EP 97: A System for Measuring Mental Performance

EP 98: Integrating Mental Skills Onto the Court: Interview With Dr. Duncan Simpson