Alumni & Testimonials

Fellowship Alumni

  • Jordan Belga

University of Florida - Class of 2018

  • Nelly Ciolkowski
  • Clemson University - Class of 2012
  • New York Institute of Technology - Class of 2014
  • Saint Leo University - Class of 2016

Current Co-Director of Junior Tennis and Director of Program Development at Waco Regional Tennis & Fitness Center

  • Eric Diaz

Univerisity of Georgia - Class of 2015

  • Jeremy Efferding

Texas A&M - Class of 2017

Current Assistant Coach, Georgia Tech Men's Tennis

  • Connor Gilmore

Portland State University - Class of 2013

Private Tennis Coach

  • Andrew Goodwin

University of Alabama - Class of 2015

Current Assistant Coach, Mississippi State University Men's Tennis

  • Harry Jadun

Michigan State University - Class of 2015

Current Assistant Coach, Michigan State University Men's Tennis

  • Campbell Johnson

University of California Berkeley - Class of 2014

Current Private Tennis Coach

  • Alli Kothari

University of Michigan - Class of 2020

  • Greg Labanowski

University of Southern California - Class of 2017

Current Private ATP Tour Coach

  • Darneesa Moore

Southern University - Class of 2016

  • Aaron Paul

University of Virginia - Class of 2015

Current Volunteer Assistant Coach, University of Virginia Women's Tennis

  • Emily Prescott

Dominican University of California - Class of 2015

Current Marketing and Communications Manager at Theo, Inc.

  • Caroline Price

University of North Carolina - Class of 2015

Current Assistant Coach, University of North Carolina Women's Tennis

  • Katelyn Stokes

Howard University - Class of 2014

Current Administrative Assistant, USTA Player Development Coaching Education and Performance

Fellow Testimonials

"My fellowship experience was phenomenal, in a sense that it helped me grow as a coach, professional and an individual. I met accomplished, knowledgeable, yet humble people who all share the same goal – to grow world-class athletes. The fellowship encouraged growth, adaptability and education and gave me a fresh pair of eyes for the game. I definitely felt like a part of the family, and I couldn't have asked for a better summer. I am truly thankful for this experience!" – Katelyn Stokes

“The USTA PD fellowship was a game changer for me. To witness and learn from the best of the best was an incredible experience. Getting to shadow national coaches daily, working with video and technology at the highest level, taking part in the best coaching education programs, traveling with a pro and getting exposed to everything from strength and conditioning to mental skills training were just a few parts of my amazing summer. The program allowed me to be more well-rounded, knowledgeable, empathetic, confident and disciplined as a coach going forward. And I will be forever grateful for all of the great people in Player Development for being so welcoming and open to allow me to learn all summer!” – Aaron Paul

"The USTA fellowship in professional coaching is a fantastic program that prepared me well for what I am doing today. Having the opportunity to learn from some of the absolute best in our country both in Orlando and on the road was an experience like no other. I really got a 360 view of everything that goes into becoming a great coach. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their skill set in high performance tennis coaching. I am extremely thankful to the USTA for providing me this unbelievable opportunity." - Greg Labanowski

"The Fellowship in Professional Coaching was a life-changing experience for me. Having the opportunity to learn from the best of the best in US coaching helped me grow as a coach on the court and as a person off the court. In addition to many lifelong friendships I made as a fellow, I also gained a network of mentors within the USTA that continue to guide me through the ups and downs of coaching. There is no doubt that anyone who is seriously looking into coaching as a career would benefit from this experience!" - Harry Jadun


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