Top 500 Rankings - Men (June 21, 2018)

Top 500 Rankings - Women (June 21, 2018)

The USTA is requested by the ITF to send a National Ranking of the top players of the United States.  The USTA is only allowed to send a list comprised of only 500 players.  These lists are used when players do not have an ATP or WTA Ranking for selection into ITF pro circuit events when they run out of players with professional rankings.  (Usually this list is only used for the qualifying of lower level ITF circuit events).  These rankings may also be used for seeding of events in the United States.


Players can see his/her player record and determine the number of points awarded at the USTA Ranking pages.  Select the Top 500 list ranking for your gender.  You can email us if you see any mistakes on your record and we will correct for future rankings.


The USTA's Top 500 National Ranking will include American players who are eligible to represent the United States in Davis Cup or Fed Cup competition. Players listed from another country on their IPIN will be removed from the USTA's Top 500 List.  Players with a greencard who wish to be included should send a email to the contacts listed below. Please send a copy of your passport(s) and greencard.  Players who have switched their country of representation with ITF, ATP or WTA to a country other than the USA will not be allowed to switch back to represent the USA.  Players may petition in certain circumstances.



The Top 500 ranking is calculated using a list of various type of events, which include USTA Pro Circuit events, USTA Adult and Junior events, ITF Jr Events, US Open National Playoffs as well as Collegiate events This is used by the ITF to select players into ITF Pro Circuit events. Listed below are the events included in the ranking and the points table based on the round reached.

The USTA reserves the right to make changes to the tournaments used, rules of eligibility and the point structure for past and future years at any time.  The ranking is an accumulation of results for the past 12 months of results.  The list is sent to the ITF only four times each year.  The events currently being used for ranking are listed below in the event list below and the ranking includes all USTA Pro Circuit Events:

2018 Event List (Click here) - as of May 8, 2018

Pro Circuit Events

  • All USTA Pro Circuit Men’s events 15K-100K
  • All USTA Pro Circuits Women’s events 15K-100K


  • ITA Fall Championships (Division 1)
  • ITA All-American (Division 1)
  • NCAA Division I Championships
  • USTA National Championships Boys and Girls 18’s (Clay, National and Winter)
  • USTA National Championships Boys and Girls 16’s (Clay, National and Winter)
  • ITF Junior Events Grade I or higher that take place in United States
  • USTA National Championships Boys and Girls 14’s (Clay, National and Winter)
  • Easter Bowl 14's & 16's
Adult Sectional Events


Event/Round Reached W F 3rd Place SF Qtrs 16 32 64 Q Rd 8 Q Rd 16 Q Rd 32 Q Rd 64 CW CF CSF C

C Rd 16

75K-100K USTA Pro Circuit Event (Level1) 600 500   400 300 200     50 30              
50K USTA Pro Circuit Event (Level 2) 500 400   300 200 150     30 20              
25K USTA Pro Circuit Event (Level 3) 100 80   60 40 30     10 8              
25K USTA Pro Circuit Event (64 Qualifying Draw) (Level 3) 100 80   60 40 30     10 8 5            
ITA Division 1 Collegiate Championships
(NCAA's, Indoors, All-American)** (Level 4)
125 100   75 60 40 25 14                  
US Open National Playoff Championships (Level 5) 80 70   50 40                        
USTA Adult National Opens (Level 6) 60 50   40 30 20 10                    
15k USTA Pro Circuit Event (Level 7) 60 50   40 30 20     8 5 3            
15k USTA Pro Circuit Event (128 Qualifying Draw) (Level 7) 60 50   40 30 20     8 5 3 1          
Jr US Open and Orange Bowl 18's (Grade A)** (Level 8) 50 40   30 20 18 15 7                  
USTA National Championships 18's (Level 9) 40 35 29 25                 20 18 15 12 10
ITF 18's Jr Grade 1 and B1 events in the USA (Level 10) 30 25 22 20 18 15 10                    
USTA Nationals, Easter Bowl & International 16's Events (Level 11) 25 15 12 10 8               8 7 5 4 3
US Open National Playoff-Sectional Qualifying Event (Level 12) 40 30   20 12                        

USTA Category 2 National events and Sectional Open Championships (Adult Division)* (Level 13)

10 7   4 2                        
USTA National Championships 14's (Clay, Hard, Winter) and Easter Bowl (Level 14) 10 7 4 2                          


Please note:

**Player must have won a match in order to receive points on the ranking for all events, except collegiate events and Grade A junior events.


*All Adult division tournaments must have a minimum of 7 players in the draw for points to be awarded.


The ranking list will be calculated using the points table listed above. The ranking will be composed on the player’s results for the past 12 months. The list will be sent to the ITF four times per year in 2017 the list will be posted on or around March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

The USTA Player Services department oversees the administration on the ranking list. If you have questions please contact Lew Brewer.




What is the purpose of this list?
This list serves various functions. As a National Governing Body, the International Tennis Federation requires a list of players ranked in a way that logically reflects their ability level in comparison to their compatriots. Being listed allows a player a chance to be accepted into the qualifying of ITF Professional Events worldwide. Another purpose of this list is to be used in the system of merit by the USTA Circuit Supervisors to accept American players into the qualifying draws of USTA Pro Circuit events from the on site Alternates list.

How does the Supervisor know what my ranking is?
The ITF inputs the latest Top 500 Rankings list for each nation into their Tournament Database. Once the valid IPIN is inputted your ranking will automatically appear in the system. Although players Top 500 Rankings may change frequently, the USTA is only allowed to submit updates 4 times per year. The USTA will provide an updated list three times a year  on or around March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

Is it possible to be ranked without winning a round in any event?
It is unlikely. Starting in 2015, the USTA restructured the points tables and so players losing in the first round of main draw and qualifying of pro circuits events will no longer receive points for just being in those events.  The only events where players will receive points just for participating included in the Main Draw of Grade A events such as the Jr US Open and the three collegiate championships.

Do Byes count as wins?

Byes do not count as wins. So players must win a match before they will earn points for the round reached. 

How many points do I need to be included on the US Top 500 ranking list?
The number of points that a player needs depends on how many points everyone else has on the Top 500 ranking list. The ITF allows the USTA to send in only 500 names of American players. Usually to be included on the ranking list you will need about 10 points but sometimes it can go either higher or lower. Therefore the more points you accumulate the better chance you have to be included on the list.

Will I still get points on the Top 500 List if the tournament draw only has six players?
The draw must have a minimum of 7 players in order for points to be awarded.

Do I need a USTA membership?
All players will need to have a current USTA membership to be included on the Top 500 Ranking List.  Players will need to make sure their USTA membership is current or they will not be included on the list.