Overview & Eligibilty

USTA Player Development invests a great deal of its resources into assisting the development of players. The Player Development staff awards grants to players it feels is deserving based on performance and/or potential. The Player Development staff encourages players to utilize all of the facilities and services that the USTA has to offer (including, but not limited to the following: working with our National Coaching Staff and utilizing the USTA Training Center USTA National Campus in Orlando, Florida, the USTA Training Center-West in Carson, Calif., and USTA Training Center-East in Flushing, N.Y. and any of the USTA Regional Training Centers). The goal of the USTA Player Development staff is to assist in the development in as many young and talented players as possible.
All Players be awarded any grant must be eligible to represent the United States in Fed Cup and Davis Cup competition pursuant to the ITF Regulations which include the following requirements:
A player must have:

  •  a current valid U.S. passport;
  •  lived in the United states for 24 consecutive months at some time; and
  •  not have represented any other country in the 36 months immediately preceding the event

If at any time following an acceptance of a USTA Grant the recipient elects to represent a country other than the United States as a player or refuses to represent the United States in international competition if selected, the recipient is required to immediately reimburse the USTA for all grant monies previously distributed.

Excellence Grants

Excellence grants are awarded to players, based purely on merit. These grants are provided by USTA Player Development to assist players on their development to become a professional player. Any U.S. player achieving the requirements listed below (based on a player’s birthdate) will receive a grant. Players that meet one (1) of the criteria boxes below will receive $2000, once the player has met two (2) boxes the player will receive $3000 more and once a player meets three (3) boxes a player will receive $4000. Thus a player could earn $9000 during a year based on his/her performance. Players may meet boxes in two age categories below but for a maximum of 3 boxes or $9000 for a year. Player will need to submit this form each time he/she meets one of the requirements. These grants can be submited throughout the year and before December 19, 2020.

Junior Grand Slam Grants

The United States Tennis Association Player Development department usually selects a boy’s team and a girl’s team of players to represent the U.S. at the Junior Grand Slam events (outside of the United States). If the USTA does not to take a player accepted into the singles main draw on a trip or does not send a team to a specific grand slam event (outside of the U.S.), then the USTA will provide those players a grant. Players who are accepted and compete in the main draw of the Australian Jr. Open, French Jr. Open and Wimbledon Jr. Championships will receive a travel grant. A player competing in the singles main draw of the Australian Jr. Open will receive $1,750. A player competing in the singles main draw of the French Jr. Open and Wimbledon Jr. Championships will receive $1,250.

Grants will also be awarded to players who qualify for the main draw in singles of any of the above listed events. However, no grant is given for the U.S. Open Junior Championships. Players who are accpeted or qualify do not need to apply for this grant. A grant letter will be sent to the players and a check will be sent out after the player has participated in the event and the tournament is completed. Players who are disqualified for any reason or who act inappropriately at the event will not be awarded a grant.

Grand Slam Coaches Grant

USTA Player Development is offering financial support to personal/private coaches who are developing our best young players to reach the highest level of international junior tennis. USTA Player Development is assisting coaches who travel with their player by offseting expenses with a stipend of $1,750 for the Australian Open Junior Championships and $1250 for Roland Garros and Wimbledon Junior Championships. A coach must be a USTA member and a full-time tennis coach who travels with his/her player to compete in the main draw of singles at any of the three grand slam junior events outside of the United States.  The events include:

  • Australian Open Junior Championships,
  • Roland Garros Junior Championships (French Open)
  • Wimbledon Junior Championships

The purpose of this grant is to assist with the reimbursement of travel expenses. In order to receive the travel assistance grant the coach must :

  • USTA member
  • Be making a living full-time as a tennis coach;
  • Attend the Australian, Roland Garros or Wimbledon during the junior tournament competition to assist his/her player;
  • Submit W-9
  • Submit the coached reimbursement form along with a copy of his/her flight itinerary

USTA Player Development would like to offer support to personal/private coaches who are helping our best young players reach the highest level of international junior tennis. We will help offset expenses to any full-time tennis coach who travels to assist his/her player compete in the main draw of singles at any of the following grand slam junior events: Australian Open Junior Championships ($1,750), Roland Garros Junior Championships-French Open Jrs ($1,250) Wimbledon Junior Championships ($1,250) 

Grand Slam Coaching Grant Application


Multicultural Grants

Players who are highly talented and come from a multicultural background are encouraged to apply for a USTA Multicultural Grant. Deadline for submission of the Multicultural Excellence Grants and the Individual Player Grants are mid January. Grant award decisions will be made by February. For information about these grants, click here.