Whether you are a junior player starting your tennis career, a dedicated tournament player, a casual League player or a top professional, there are seven core values you should have to make sure success applies off the court as well as on it.
Today’s successful tennis player must be:





Players must have an unshakable self-belief in their abilities and skills. That is, they expect to be successful.






Players push through hardship and struggle, always continuing to strive for success in a positive, productive manner.






Players should have their full focus directed on what matters in that particular moment and be invested in their own success.






Players demonstrate character and exhibit the behavior and attitude of an athlete who is consistently prepared to practice and compete with full engagement.






Players must have the ability to bounce back and refocus after failures, letdowns, etc., bringing their best effort to their next point, set, match, tournament or training session.






Players act in a way that demonstrates appreciation for the game, courtesy to their opponents and teammates, and that focuses on bringing out the best in others – all while demonstrating sportsmanship and honoring the rules of tennis.






Players must be able to endure periods of difficulty and adversity in training and competition, both mentally and physically. They must embrace pressure and accept the challenge to continue to grow as a player and as a person, remaining resolute in their desire to succeed.




America’s top professional and most promising young junior players are living out these seven core values each and every day at the three USTA National Training Centers as well at Regional Training Centers, Early Development Camps and TEAM USA camps around the country. 
Players should continually strive to develop these values throughout their training and play – both on and off the court. Players that exhibit these seven core values every day will achieve the ultimate goal of competing – and behaving – like a champion.
These values were developed as part of a collaborative effort of USTA Player Development national coaches and
Dr. Larry Lauer, mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development, to communicate the collective values of the national coaching staff on a daily basis.