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Pathway Changes coming August 26, 2019

This document outlines the upcoming changes which will take effect August 26, 2019

Competitive Pathway Changes - August 2019

See attached PDF presentation that outlines the changes coming to the Competitive Pathway in August.

WEBINAR: Competitive Pathway Changes - August 2019

View recording of webinar explaining the changes coming to the Competitive Pathway in August.

Upcoming Webinars: Pathway Changes coming August 26

Wednesday, July 17 at 12 PM EST

Thursday, July 18 at 2 PM EST:  View Recording

Friday, July 19 at 11 AM EST

New Terminology Explained

Beginning in 2019, The ITF WOLRD TENNIS TOUR will be the new umbrella name for all former Pro Circuit and Junior Circuit tournaments and will serve as the player pathway between the junior game & the elite levels of professional tennis.

“Pro Circuit”, “Futures”, “Transition Tour” & “Junior Circuit” will no longer be used as tournament terminology.

Under the ITF World Tennis Tour umbrella, tournaments will be split into the following categories:


Each tournament will be identifiable by gender, prize money and a host city.  For example:

  • M25 Weston = Men’s $25,000 tournament in Weston, FL
  • W80 Palm Harbor = Women’s $80,000 tournament in Palm Harbor, FL
  • J4 Irvine = Junior Grade 4 tournament in Irvine, CA

2020 Wild Card Reports

Weston M25 - Week of January 27th Daytona Beach W25 - Week of January 13th
Dallas ATP 100 - Week of February 3rd Vero Beach W25 - Week of January 20th
Palm Coast M25 - Week of February 3rd Midland W100 - Week of February 3rd
Cleveland ATP 80 - Week of February 10th Nicholasville W100 - Week of February 10th
Naples M25 - Week of February 10th Rancho Santa Fe W25 - Week of February 24th
Rochester M15 - Week of July 13th Berkeley W60 - Week of July 13th
Binghamton ATP 80 - Week of July 20th Concord W60 - Week of July 20th
Iowa City M15 - Week of July 20th Evansville W25 - Week of July 20th
Champaign M25 - Week of July 27th Concord W60 - Week of July 27th
Lexington ATP 80 - Week of August 3rd Lexington W60 - Week of August 3rd
Decatur M25 - Week of August 3rd Ft. Worth W25 - Week of August 3rd
Aptos ATP 90 - Week of September 10th Landsiville W100 - Week of August 10th
Memphis M25 - Week of September 10th Lawrence W15 - Week of September 14th
Champaign M15 - Week of September 14st Lubbock W15 - Week of September 21st
Cary ATP 80 - Week of September 14st Templeton W60 - Week of September 28th
Fayetteville M15 - Week of September 21st Hilton Head W15 - Week of October 5th
Columbus ATP 80 - Week of September 21st Redding W25 - Week of October 5th
Harlingen M25 - Week of September 28th Las Vegas W80 - Week of October 5th
Ithaca M15 - Week of October 5th Florence W25 - Week of October 12th
Norman M25 - Week of October 5th Fountain Valley W15 - Week of October 19th
Tallahassee M15 - Week of October 12th Macon W80 - Week of October 19th
Fairfield ATP 100 - Week of October 12th Austin W15 - Week of October 26th
Fountain Valley M15 - Week of October 26th Tyler W80 - Week of October 26th
Ithaca M15 - Week of November 2nd Norman W15 - Week of November 2nd
Fayetteville M15 - Week of November 2nd  
Naples M25 - Week of November 2nd  
Charlottesville ATP 80 - Week of November 9th  
Shreveport M15 - Week of November 9th  
Knoxville ATP 80 - Week of November 16th  
Austin M15 - Week of November 16th  
East Lansing M15 - Week of November 16th  
Champaign ATP 80 - Week of November 16th  

USTA Competitive Pathway Merit-Based Wild Cards

Updated 4/1/20: Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and the suspension of the tennis Tours, the allocation of Merit Based Wildcards for 2020 and the allocation of outstanding Merit Based Wildcards from 2019, is suspended.  

Once the Tours resume we recommend that you submit wild card requests (via the link below).  We cannot guarantee any wildcards, but our wild card Committees will work tirelessly to assist as many players as possible during this unprecedented time.  We will be updating this page with future announcements related to wild cards.


Wild Card Request Link:

National Open Events List

National Open Tournament Registration Links
  • USTA National Open Clay Court Championships - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • USTA National Open Hard Court Championships - San Diego, CA
  • USTA National Open Grass Court Championships - Newport, RI
  • USTA National Open Indoor Championships - Flushing, NY

How to start playing Professional tournaments

The ITF World Tennis Tour provides entry level professional opportunities for players desiring to compete at the highest stages of professional tennis. As players compete, they have the opportunity to earn prize money and ranking points.   Players earn ITF World Tennis Ranking points and/or in some events ATP or WTA Ranking points.   As players having successful performances, they earn greater ranking points which assist players to move up to the next level of the professional tournament.