At Home Training Tips

Wall Ball Drills at Home


USTA National Coach Roger Anderson shares several wall drills you can use to practice your overhead, forehand, backhand, serve and many other shots.

Stay Connected to the Game while at Home


Check out these suggestions from Master Coach Jose Higueras on staying tennis ready while spending time at home.

Strength & Conditioning at Home


Brent Salazar, USTA Player Development's Director of Performance, offers ideas for workouts when you're at home and can't make it to the court or the gym.

Nutrition at Home


From info on eating your first meal of the day, to advice on snacking, food intake and more, Tara Gidus-Collingwood, nutrition consultant to the USTA National Campus, shares some tips for nutrition while staying at home.

Mental Performance at Home


Dr. Larry Lauer, Mental Performance Specialist, USTA Player Development, offers tips, including visualization, engaging in normal routines and more, to help players when dealing with uncomfortable situations.

Tennis at Home


From reviewing your developmental plan with your coach to hitting on a wall or garage door and reading about the best athletes in the world, here are some ideas to try for players who are spending more time at home.