Parenting Your Tennis Playing Child


In this video, USTA Player Development coaches and staff discuss how parents of young tennis players can best support their child to ensure they have a positive experience in tennis. 

Positioning Youth Tennis for Success


Positioning Youth Tennis for Success attempts to break down the fault lines that exist in the current tennis and developmental structure and explore 10 and Under Tennis as a definitive, viable solution for the long-term health of our lifetime sport of opportunity.

Mini Tennis


Watch this video, which demonstrates how using a smaller court and right-sized equipment mimics the strokes and court position needed for players as they progress through the tennis pathway.

Youth Tennis Parent Checklist


Inspire and support your new player. In each question on the list, rate yourself on a scale from 1-5. Think about how your child and his or her coach would rate you, too. Total your scores to assess how effective you are acting as a tennis parent. 

The Ride Home


How parents choose to communicate with their son or daughter can make a significant impact on young athletes. Video courtesy of USA Swimming.

Understanding the role parents play in junior tennis success


From providing transportation and emotional, logistical and financial support to reacting emotionally at matches and being over-involved, read some positives and negatives regarding the role parents play in their tennis player's success.

Developing tennis players, ages 4-11


Get a complete breakdown on a player's development, practice and competition by age.

Navigating the junior tennis pathway as a parent


Rate, on a 1-to-5 scale, the questions relative to the parenting of your child in tennis. Think about how your child or your child’s coach would rate you. When finished, total your ratings, and read the associated notes.

The progressive development of a high performance player


Fun and fundamentals, training and competition and personal excellence. Check out how these learning themes can be used in the various phases in the development of a high-performance player.

What to expect on tournament day


We want to make sure your child has fun, makes friends and improves by playing tournaments. Here are some quick tips to get prepared.

Team USA Tennis Parents' Guide


Click here for a comprehensive guide for parents of young tennis players, which gives advice on how to work successfully with a child or teenager who wants to play just for the enjoyment of the sport or who wants—and has the talent—to compete at the professional level.